Understanding the Time Waveform Diagnostic

The Time Waveform Diagnostic allows you to listen to the accelerometer output of your machine.

How can it help you?

This feature enables you to listen to your equipment from the office which is useful for working out if there is an issue with the equipment. When you listen to the sound coming from the accelerometer sounds like chipped gear teeth become obvious.

The purpose of this feature was to allow you to verify an alarm which is suspected to be a false alarm.

How does it work?

You can find the Time Waveform Diagnostic button on the Equipment Detail View. It allows you to listen to the accelerometer output of your machine over the previous three days. Hitting the Play/Pause button will play or pause the machine audio.

On V3 series FitMachine sensors, this playback is real-time at 25.6kHz, the same as is sampled from the accelerometer. For V2.1 FitMachine sensors, data is collected at 4kHz and played back at 25.6kHz. 

This means that on V2.1 sensors, the audio playback will be higher-pitched than the actual data collected. This is typically more useful for detecting changes in vibration, as lower-frequency variation can be below the human hearing range.

The Time Waveform Diagnostic can be viewed below, with the waveform representation at the top of the page. A line will track across the waveform as the sound progresses and previously played sound will change to a darker colour. A spectrogram accompanies each set of time series data to visually demonstrate changes in frequency profile over time.

The table below the Play/Pause button indicates the time and date that each time series data segment was collected. Clicking on these dates allows you to listen to only the section of time series collected at that time.

Time Waveform Diagnostic

How can I access it?

The chart will be located on the equipment detail page for any asset. Clicking the 'Waveform' button will bring up the diagnostic. Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled on your web browser. Otherwise, this will stop it from being able to load.

Waveform Diagnostic

What else should I look at?

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