Understanding the Interactive Waterfall Plot

This article outlines what the Interactive Waterfall Plot is, how it helps you, and how you can access it.

What is the Waterfall Plot?

The waterfall plot is a three-dimensional plot whereby the frequencies of an asset over time are displayed simultaneously. 

_Users_David_Downloads_plotlyWaterfall.html(Old School)

Our waterfall plot displays the collected FFT data for your asset over the past few days, weeks and months. The plot will be updated with the latest FFT every 2 days. 

How do I use it?

The waterfall plot is interactive, meaning you can zoom, rotate, pan, and change the dates you are viewing. 

To pan, right-click and drag (on a trackpad you need to click and drag with two fingers). This will adjust where the plot sits on your screen.

To rotate, left click and drag (one finger on a trackpad). Doing so will allow you to rotate your view, so you can compare the data from different angles or change which axes time and frequency sit on (see below).

waterfall angle 2

waterfall angle 1

Mouseover (hovering over) the FFTs shows the frequency/magnitude.

By double-clicking on a date in the top right-hand corner you can isolate an FFT. To compare several frequencies over time, you can then (with a single click) select other dates (see below).

waterfall one date selected Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 1.55.55 pm

Please note the colours do not have any significance. The plot simply rotates through ten different colours to help you distinguish between each FFT, and act as an indicator of time.

Why is it useful?

The waterfall plot is designed to help you identify trends and changes in an FFT over time by comparing the collected frequency and amplitude data. 

This plot provides the context you need to understand what is a normal FFT for your asset, and what is not - and thus what has changed and needs investigating. 

How can I access it?

Please note that the capacity for the Interactive Waterfall Plot is currently only available for V3 FitMachines at no cost for a limited time and requires activation for your organisation on our behalf.

Once activated, the chart will be located on the device page for any asset.

Waterfall location on dash

If you're interested in activating this feature for your assets, please contact MOVUS Support here, or message us by clicking the chat box at the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.