Understand Your Measured Data Alarms

Set thresholds for temperature or vibration based on your FitMachine sensor data.

How do alarms help you?

Measured Data Alarms can significantly improve your maintenance process.

Use the feature to set thresholds, alerting you when your equipment is vibrating excessively or running too hot.  

Alarms let your team know when action needs to be taken on your equipment, allowing you to assign resources ahead of time, plan maintenance, and avoid breakdowns. 

What are Measured Data Alarms?

Measured Data Alarms are triggered from your dashboard's FitMachine Measured Data Chart.

Each FitMachine has its own Measured Data Chart on its Equipment Detail Page.

Alarms triggered by changes in temperature or RMS (vibration) are classified as Measured Data Alarms. 

Measured Data Alarms are not set by default. You must set alarm threshold/s for either temperature or RMS, turn on alarm notifications in your preferences, and have access to the equipment.


When the samples exceed your set threshold, a Measured Data Alarm will be triggered, letting you know what has changed.

Once alarmed, the system will stay in that state until you take action to return the equipment to normal levels. Once the equipment is "back to normal", you will get another email notification.


Tip: If you only want to be notified when your machine enters its alarm state and not when it returns to normal, set the values of both sliders to be the same.

Setting up Measured Data Alarms

1. On the relevant Equipment Detail Page, scroll down to the measured data chart.

2. In the top right corner, click the cog and choose to add either an RMS (vibration) threshold or a temperature threshold (see image below). You can also add High or High-High alarm thresholds.

3. High-high alarms are more extreme thresholds that should create a sense of urgency and trigger immediate action.


Note: Write permissions are required to set a Measured Data Alarm.


Measured Data Alarms


If you want to receive alarms when the vibration or temperature gets too low, click the 'switch direction' button.

This switches the alarming direction. The system will let you know when the vibration or temperature reaches your desired Low or Low alarm threshold. 

Drag the red and blue sliders (dotted lines with arrows) to adjust the threshold values that trigger an alarm notification or 'back to normal' notifications (see the image below).  

Things to remember:

  • When setting up a measured data alarm, setting a return to normal threshold will result in only two notifications (one when the threshold is exceeded and another when it drops below the return to normal threshold).
  • When the return to normal is not set up, you will continue to get Measured data alarms (and notifications) until the data drops below the threshold set.

Measured Data Alarms 2

Remember to save your changes!

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Thanks for reading. As always, feel free to contact MOVUS Support here if you have any questions or concerns.