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Understanding Yellow Advisory Emails

This article provides all the information you need to understand Yellow Advisory Emails that are triggered on the MachineCloud platform.

As with all emails from our system, Yellow Advisory Emails will be sent automatically to the email address linked to your MOVUS account.


Yellow Advisory Email: The purpose of the yellow advisory email is to advise you that your equipment is showing a minor deviation from its normal operating behaviour. It may not need immediate attention and a further review of the equipment on the dashboard should be performed.



A yellow advisory email will be issued if the condition has been in Yellow status or greater for 45 consecutive minutes. For example, a yellow advisory will be triggered if the condition in 3 consecutive samples include 2 samples in the yellow region, and 1 in the red, in any combination (Y, Y, R or Y, R, Y etc.). After the first yellow advisory email, it will be 24 hours before another yellow advisory is issued. This will only occur if the conditions for a yellow advisory email are met at the 24 hour mark.



The yellow advisory email is designed to let you know which piece of equipment has changed its condition. It contains: our explanation text similar to that shown in the Why? section above; information about the equipment that triggered the alert; and, a link to the dashboard so that you can see the data that the FitMachine is outputting.

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