About the Equipment Detail View

The main page to deep dive into the information from a specific piece of your equipment

How can it help you?

This is the location where we display the information coming from a FitMachine sensor and relate it to a piece of your equipment. It allows you to dive deeper into the information coming from the sensor and work out what is going on with your equipment.

How does it work?

Each specific Equipment Detail View page will show information coming from one FitMachine sensor. You can find out which sensor the information is coming from just underneath the photos section.

Features on this page:

  • Health Overview Chart: this chart shows you the maximum Overall AI condition colour during either a daily timeframe or an hourly timeframe. Use it to know more about the health of your equipment.
  • AI Output Chart: this chart shows you the calculated AI condition for each sample in a set time window. Use it to find trends in the data.
  • Measured Data Chart: this chart shows you the measured vibration and temperature. Use in conjunction with the AI Output Chart to understand trends in the data.
  • Equipment Usage Chart: this shows you how often the piece of equipment is being used according to FitMachine. You can use it to better understand how often your equipment runs and, if you have put in a Power Rating, an inferred power usage.
  • Activity Stream: this shows you the activity for this particular piece of equipment. Use it to see when the most recent alarms were.
  • The Three Dials: the dials show you which factors are affecting the Overall AI condition. Use them to understand what is happening with your equipment.

The page also links to these features:

  • Interactive FFT: this shows you a high resolution FFT. With some vibration analysis knowledge you can use information about the bearings/equipment to determine a potential cause of changes in the health of your equipment.
  • Waterfall Plot: this shows you a series of high resolution FFTs which makes it easier to visualise changes in the vibration spectrum. When you maintain the equipment, you should see the FFT return to its previous look.

Other information found on this page:

  • Photos taken during the onboarding process which show the equipment, the FitMachine sensor, equipment nameplate, etc.
  • Insights card shows you the most recent information from the sensor including temperature, RMS (vibration) and AI condition.
  • Quick Info section includes Learning Start Date, WiFi Signal Strength, Battery Voltage, Power Rating and other info.
  • Equipment Details shows you the information about the equipment that was entered during onboarding
  • Location details confirms where the equipment is.

What else should I look at?

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Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.