About the Access Point Detail Page

Get information about the FitMachine sensors that are connecting to an Access Point

How can it help you?

This page gives you information about which FitMachine sensors are connecting to a specific Gateway or Wifi Access Point.

Use it to identify if a specific sensor is having an issue or if all of the sensors that usually connect to this Access Point are. If all the sensors haven't been heard from, please check on the Access Point as it may need rebooting.

How does it work?

You can get to this page by clicking on an Access Point MAC address within the Dashboard. This is accessible via the Network Admin Page or the FitMachine Detail Page.

Only accounts with a Standard User type or higher can use view this page.

Clicking on a MAC address will bring up the Access Point's detail page. Regardless of whether the Access Point is a Gateway or a WiFi Access Point, it will display the same information. 

An example page has been included below for reference:

Access Point Detail Page

On this page you can view:

  • Access Point Details
  • Location Details 
  • Last Access: When a particular FitMachine sensor was last heard through this Access Point
  • Name, Location and Type: To identify the sensor
  • Custom Alarm Thresholds: If a custom threshold has been set. 
  • MAC address of the FitMachine: Clicking this link takes you to the FitMachine Detail Page.
  • Last Data Processed: Indicates if that particular FitMachine is communicating through a different Access Point. This is as if the Last Access column isn't the same as the Last Data Processed column then the FitMachine sensor is connecting to multiple Access Points.
  • Battery Health: Whether a FitMachine is getting close to the end of its battery life. Learn more in What does the Battery Health Indicator tell me?
  • Network Health: Indicates the network's signal strength and quality with that FitMachine. Learn more in What does the Network Health Indicator tell me?
  • Running Status

What else should I be looking at?


Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.