Using the Devices Page

In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about the 'Devices' page - accessible to MachineCloud Administrators.

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This page is only accessible by Administrators of your Dashboard.

In the User Menu in the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard, under Admin Tools, you can find the Devices page. This is a good way to check the health of the FitMachines deployed across your fleet. It displays a range of FitMachine-specific values such as the MAC Address, Equipment name, time since the last sample was received, the most recent battery level and the Wifi signal strength. You can also quickly jump to the detailed view of each of your assets by click on their Device name or Barcode. 

This makes the Devices page a good method of troubleshooting missing FitMachine data as this page can tell you if there’s a communications issue with your installation or a depleted battery, or another problem altogether. The "Last data processed.." column will display the time the last samples were received and will change colour depending on how much time has elapsed.

For methods to remedy communications issues, see our article on Missing FitMachine Samples.

The Wifi signal strength emblem on the right-hand side works the same way as on your personal Wifi devices where the best Wifi connections are displayed with completely filled green symbols. Like your phone, a FitMachine cannot communicate via Wifi if the signal is too weak, but unlike your phone, a FitMachine has no other method of communicating and it is entirely dependent on a reliable connection.

The last recorded battery voltage will appear next to the Wifi signal strength indicator and this will give you an idea of the remaining lifetime of the installed FitMachine.

For what to do with a FitMachine with a dead battery see the following article on FitMachine returns.