What are Events?

This article summarises what events are, how they are created, and why they are useful.

How does it help me?

Events are designed to help you manage issues rather than alarms. Quite often, alarms can be related to the same event, and in the process of responding to them, you can be left with comments, records of actions taken and other critical asset information scattered across your dashboard. 

With events, all comment history related to a condition change is in one place, and you can more easily track and manage the progression of an event. 

How does it work?

Events are our new way of grouping comments and alarms related to the same 'issue' or condition change. 

Under this functionality, once an alarm is acknowledged it becomes the 'Current Event', and all subsequent new alarms triggered and comments made are grouped underneath it.

This process will continue until such time that this Current Event is either (1) marked with a 'closed' alarm status or (2) a new alarm is marked as 'acknowledged'. Once a new alarm is acknowledged, this marks the start of a new Current Event, and the cycle will repeat itself.

Having the alarms grouped as 'events' means that on the Equipment Detail page, and via our new Events List Page, alarms will look like this:

Event Detail Page

Notably, for your convenience, the comments and alarm history for each event are collapsible.

With all the information grouped together automatically, you can now focus on resolving the issue and keep accurate records of the event's progression in one place.

What are Previous Events?

As mentioned above, once a new alarm is acknowledged it creates a new 'Current Event'. A Current Event is created when a new alarm is marked as acknowledged, OR when a new alarm occurs and no Current Event exists (ie. the previous event has been closed, or this is the equipment's first alarm).

It's important to note that once a new event is created, the existing Current Event becomes a 'Previous Event', and Previous Events cannot be edited or updated. Each asset can only have ONE Current Event at any time. 

What else should I look at?


Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions, please contact our MOVUS Support Team here.