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How to ‘mute’ alarms from an asset

In this article, we show you how to 'mute' alarms from specific assets within MachineCloud.

When a monitored asset reaches the Yellow alert state, it can be useful to ‘mute’ the alarms for a period of time, once you have planned inspection and / or rectification of any issues. 

The Mute functionality can be found on the Asset’s detail view, under the ‘Settings’ option

Along with the Edit option, which edits the asset, the Mute options are -

  • Mute for 48 Hours

Will stop Yellow advisories from this device for the next 48 Hours

  • Mute for 1 week

Will stop Yellow Advisories from this device for the coming week

  • UnMute

If the asset is already muted, this will allow you to 'Unmute' it


Note that Red Alerts can not be muted.