Troubleshooting accessing the MachineCloud

This article provides a step by step guide about how to gain access to the MachineCloud Dashboard.

1. Navigate to in your selected web browser. This will take you to the MOVUS login page

2. Fill in your login information, ensuring that you use the correct email address and organisation that were used when your account was created. If you are unsure about these details, please contact the person who set up your account

3. If you are still unable to sign in, you may have the incorrect password. Please check out the linked article about re-setting your password. If you are getting a "token expired" message, the article will also help you.

4. If none of the previous steps have been able to get you access, please contact MOVUS support


Phone number:
AU: (+61) 1300 031 115
US: (+1) 888 499 0272
UK: (+44) 1905 703 022