Accessing your Account

This article outlines how to log in to the MachineCloud Dashboard and Mobile App.

You will need to download the Mobile App to your phone if you would like to use it.

To login to the Dashboard, click here or navigate to in your selected web browser. This will take you to the MOVUS login page (pictured below). Remember to bookmark this page as you will need to access it in the future.

Log In Sign In Page

To login to either the dashboard or mobile app, your account requires three parameters:

  1. Email address
  2. Password
  3. Organisation ID 

Email Address

Your email address is the address that was used to create your account.


When your account was created, a confirmation would have been sent to your email address asking you to set a new password. Please check your emails for this if you have yet to set your password. 

If you haven't been sent an email inviting you to set a password, please get in touch with your supervisor.

If you have forgotten your password, or have never set one before, please check out our Resetting Your Password article. 

Organisation ID

Your Organisation ID is your company name. Contact your supervisor for the correct organisation tag.

Still having trouble signing in? Please contact MOVUS Support here.

What else should I look at?


Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.