About Asset Selection

The aim of this article is to outline which assets are suitable for FitMachine deployment, and which you should avoid.

When selecting assets to install FitMachine on, please ensure that the equipment you have chosen satisfies the following points:

  • It is a Fixed Rotating asset. These are assets that have a rotating shaft and are not mobile equipment
  • The asset is a balance of Critical and Simple. Critical equipment will likely provide you with the greatest return on investment, however considering less complicated equipment could be more valuable for a pilot project as it gives clearer data
  • It has a running speed of 600 RPM (10 Hz) or greater. A higher running speed will give higher quality data
  • It has 60+ Operational hours per week. Equipment under this will take more than 6 weeks to calibrate
  • The equipment runs for hours at a time (no short run times), and 
  • There is a power outlet nearby, you can install a new outlet, or there is established internet coverage. 

Equally, you should avoid selecting:

  • Submersible equipment
  • Screen bodies (motors should be discussed with MOVUS)
  • Reciprocating equipment
  • Equipment of very high temperature (>85 ℃), or
  • Journal bearings.

If you're unsure, or if the equipment doesn't easily fall into these categories, please get in touch with MOVUS Support here.

What else should I look at?

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