How to Archive a Device

The aim of this article is to outline everything you need to know about archiving a device. This includes when to archive it, how to archive it, and what this means for you.

You would archive a device because you are no longer using that FitMachine to monitor that piece of equipment. By archiving a device you remove it from the active devices on your dashboard. The action of archiving is irreversible. This means it will no longer appear with the rest of your fleet of FitMachine in the List View or the Device Admin View.



As shown in the image above, you can see all the devices that have been archived on your dash by selecting the archived tab instead of the active tab. You can archive a device from the Equipment Detail View or from the Device Admin View.


Equipment Detail View:


 Device Admin View:


The below is the warning you will receive before archiving a FitMachine.


If you're sure, hit 'Archive'. 

Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact MOVUS Support here.