Understanding the Developer Centre

This article outlines what Developer Centre is, how you can access it, and the key features.

How can it help you?

Put simply, the Developer Centre is a place where developers can manage how they use the API.

How does it work?

Developer Centre is designed to help you access your data and integrate it with the enterprise software of your choosing.

Providing functionality and documentation for engineers, Developer Centre is designed to allow engineers to more easily create custom integrations between MachineCloud and third-party software.

How do I access it?

Developer Centre can be found on your FitMachine Dashboard.

This page is only available for accounts with standard user access or higher.

To access it, admins can simply click the down-arrow in the top right-hand corner next to their user profile, and click 'Developers' under Admin Tools.

Please see the image below for reference:

Developers Admin

Key Features

Within this page, Developer Centre contains 4 key features:

  1. API Tokens
  2. Streaming Configuration
  3. API Documentation
  4. Support

(1) API Tokens

Under the 'API Tokens' tab, you can add, edit, copy and delete API Tokens. 

For non-developers - API Tokens are essentially a form of authentication similar to a username/password. These are needed for third parties to gain access to the API.

To add an API Token, simply click the blue 'Add' button at the top of the screen, type in the relevant description, and click 'Add API Token'.

To delete an existing one, click the red 'Delete' button.

Please see the embedded GIF below for reference:


(2) Streaming Configuration

'Streaming Configuration' is designed for customers who use external services to get data from our API.

This is done by utilising 'streams', whereby you are sending data from the MachineCloud to a third party.

Here developers can add, edit, test and delete streaming configurations using the corresponding buttons. 

Please see the embedded GIF below for reference:


(3) API Documentation

Clicking the 'API Documentation' tab will open a webpage of documentation and information which may be of help to developers. This includes information such as an introduction to the MachineCloud API, Data Stream, HTTP Methods and more. 

API Documentation

(4) Support

Finally, the 'Support' tab redirects you to our Knowledge Base. Here you can contact our Support Team, or peruse our articles to find what you're looking for. 

What else should I be looking at?

This particular part of the Dashboard is a one-stop shop.


    Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.