The Running Cut-off

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about Running Cut-off data on the MachineCloud platform.

The Running Cut-off is the vibration mm/s value assigned to a piece of equipment that will assist in separating running samples from ambient noise and vibration. The Cut-off is indicated by the red line on the Measured Data Chart and the value is given to the right of the chart, shown above.

This line is used to determine which samples are from running equipment and is of critical importance to the MOVUS AI. The Running Cut-off must be correctly set in order for the Learning process to be completed properly otherwise the 'normal' running operation that has been learned will not be an accurate representation of your equipment. 

Incorrect placement of this line will also have an effect on the data shown in the Utilisation chart, the Inferred power usage calculation as well as the machine running indicator. Therefore it's once again worth saying that it is of critical importance that the Running Cut-off is correctly positioned for each of your equipment.

By default the Running Cut-off is set at 0.2 mm/s for all newly onboarded sensors which we have found is generally a good position to start for standalone equipment.

For some installations where there are multiple pieces of equipment linked to the same process, such as the 3 pumps shown in the photo below, the vibrations from one pump can be detected by a FitMachine installed on one of the adjacent pumps. Adjusting the Running Cut-off gives you the ability to isolate the vibration of one piece of equipment from another by setting the cut-off high enough to ignore the vibrations that are being inferred through the ground or pipes in some cases.