Understanding User-Submitted Events

This article outlines User Events, found on the Alarms Page and each asset's Equipment Detail Page.

How can it help you?

User-submitted events help you keep all your information in one place.

By submitting events, you can record what happens to your equipment in its day-to-day alongside your alarms. This prevents you from having to sort through multiple locations of information to understand your equipment's history.

How does it work?

With user-submitted events, users can add their own events to an equipment's activity tab. You can access the activity tab by clicking "Activity" on the Equipment Detail Page.

To add a user event, click the down-arrow next to 'Edit' on the Equipment Detail Page. Under 'Alarms and Events', click 'Report an Event'. 

Report User Event

This will open a pop-up whereby you can give the event a short summary and a detailed description. The more detail you provide, the more valuable this will be for you in future. Once completed, click 'Report Event'.

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 4.27.27 pm

Once the event has been reported, it will automatically appear in the Activity tab alongside your alarms for that equipment. 


To help you keep your data nice and organised, these user-submitted events also have their own list on the Alarms Page. You can toggle between AI Condition Alarms, Measured Data Alarms, and these User-Submitted Events using the tabs at the top of the page.

User Events

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