Understanding your FitMachine Reporting Interval

When does your sensor sample and send data?


When you first install the FitMachine sensor, it has to learn what is "normal" for that piece of equipment.

To speed up this process, the sensor's sample interval and sync interval are shorter than normal operations initially:

  • Sample interval: 1 minute*
  • Report interval: 20 minutes*

*As more samples are gathered, these intervals become longer and only apply when the equipment is running. 


  • Understand the terms:
    • Sample interval - how often the sensor collects data
    • Report interval - how often the data is sent to MachineCloud (assuming a good network)

Normal Operations

When the FitMachine sensor has gathered enough samples to complete the learning, the intervals will extend to conserve battery life.

When the FitMachine sensor sees running data:

  • Sample interval: 15 minutes
  • Report interval: 1 hour

When the FitMachine sensor is seeing non-running data:

  • Sample interval: 8 hours
  • Report interval: 8 hours

The FitMachine sensor also has a Wake-On-Motion setting.

If the equipment starts running between non-running samples, the sensor will wake up and start sampling at its standard rate.

Low Utilisation Assets

Assets that are short-run, where machines run for just a few hours a day, require different monitoring and reporting intervals for running data. This is to get relevant information to users much faster.

When the FitMachine sensor sees running data:

  • Sample interval: 1 min
  • Reporting interval: 5 mins

Custom Settings

If you'd like to discuss custom settings for your FitMachine sensors, please contact MOVUS Support below.


Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact MOVUS Support here.