Understanding Network Centre

This article outlines what Network Centre is, key features, and how you can access each.

What is Network Centre?

Network Centre is designed to make it easier than ever for you to diagnose network issues and monitor performance of your FitMachines. Across the 3 key features listed below, it provides you with data and information about gateways and access points.

For instance, with Network Centre you can understand which FitMachines are connected to which gateways, how often they connect, and when they were last heard from through a specific gateway.

Key Features:

Network centre contains 3 key features:

  1. Network Admin page
  2. Network Connected Devices
  3. Network Map

(1) Network Admin Page

On the Network Admin Page you can view the status and number of devices connected to MOVUS gateways and corporate networks.

The Network Admin Page can be found on your MachineCloud Dashboard. It should be noted however that only accounts with Admin access can use it.

To access it, admins can simply click the down-arrow in the top right-hand corner next to their user profile, and click 'Network' under Admin Tools. 

Please see the image below for reference:

Network Admin PageOn this page you can see your networks and their relevant information. This includes the number of connected devices each network has, when the network was last used/connected to (please note this section is covered in the above image), and the MAC address of the gateway. 

Use this page for a high-level overview and to navigate to each network's connected devices. 

(2) Network Connected Devices

This functionality allows you to view and troubleshoot devices connected to a specific MOVUS gateway or corporate network.

To view a network's connected devices, click on the desired hyperlinked MAC address listed on the Network Admin page or a Device's Network page, or click the access point name when viewing Map View detail information.

Note: As mentioned prior, only accounts with Admin access can access the Network Admin page. 

Notably, clicking on a gateway will bring up a 'Connected Devices' page, whilst clicking on a FitMachine will bring up a 'Connected Access Points' page. Example pages of each have been included below for reference:

Gateway Connected DevicesFitMachine Access Points

(3) Network Map

On the Network Map you can now see a visual representation of devices connected to an access point to assist with troubleshooting.

To access the Network Map, click on the 'Map' button along the top of the MachineCloud Dashboard. 

On this map, you'll now see gateway map points and 'recent connection' line indicators. 

app.movus.com.au_equipment_map(Old School) (2)

Gateway map points are the locations in which your gateways are situated around your plant or site. These are displayed as purple pins on your map. 

Recent connection line indicators highlight when a device was last connected to a specific gateway. These are the purple lines across your map. The time-frame across which the connections are shown can be filtered using the network filter along the top of the map. You can filter to show connections over the last 30 days, 7 days, 1 day or none. 

This visualisation allows you to see what your connectivity looks like across your plant or site, how connections are persisting over time and if any areas are dropping off. 

What's more, if you're looking at the detail of a gateway or device, you can switch the focus between connected devices/gateways. This is done by clicking the grey location pin next to the connected access point or device you would like to see. See images below for reference:

app.movus.com.au_equipment_map(Old School) (1)-1

app.movus.com.au_equipment_map(Old School) (3)-1

Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.