The Duplicate Function

The aim of this article is to highlight a feature in the FitMachine Mobile App whereby you can duplicate existing information to speed up the onboarding process.

If you haven't onboarded a FitMachine yet you won't be able to use the duplicate function. Please see either our FitMachine Onboarding with a MOVUS Gateway or FitMachine Onboarding with your WiFi articles to complete an onboarding before reading the rest of this article.

The FitMachine App includes a function which makes it very easy to onboard a fleet of similar equipment. You can access the Duplicate function by clicking on the appropriate FitMachine in the list of My FitMachines upon signing into the app. Tap the Copy icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to bring up the pop up you can see in the picture below on the right.



Tapping the icon will take you straight to the MAC Address input page where you will enter the MAC Address of the FitMachine you're going to onboard. As you progress through the onboarding process, you'll notice that all of the fields have been populated with all the same values as the duplicated sensor. The fields that are not copied over are the MAC Address and the photos as these should be changed to suit each individual FitMachine.