The Detailed View - Explanation of Charts

In this article we discuss the 'detailed view' available on the MachineCloud platform. These provide great insight into your equipment health.

On the Detailed View pages of your Dashboard, there are 3 charts that will give you different insights into the health of your equipment. The AI Analytics Chart will give you a comparison of currently vibration compared to the Calibration baseline. The Measured Data Chart will display raw data outputs from the sensor to compare with the AI Chart. The Equipment Usage Chart will help you determine how often your equipment is running as well as a idea of the number of start/stops it undergoes. 

The charts can be selected on your browser by selecting the appropriate chart from the bar that appears above the first chart, or select All to display all charts in a list below each other. If you're working on a smaller screen, like your mobile phone, the chart selection will be hidden beneath a drop down menu at the top of the page as shown below.

AI Output Chart

Underneath you can see the Condition and Degradation sliders and a series of charts. By default, the first chart that you will see will be the AI Analytics Chart. This is the AI output of data received from the FitMachine where Overall Condition is shown in green, Vibration/Noise data is shown in blue and the Temperature is shown in black. This chart shows the recorded data relative to the baseline values ‘learned’ during the calibration process and is split into three coloured bands to indicate the severity of equipment health deterioration.AI Output

The Measured Data Chart

The Measured Data Chart shows the raw samples as recorded by the FitMachine. It is useful for a more in-depth look at how your equipment is running as it shows the recorded vibration and temperature values of each of the recorded samples. At the bottom of the Measured Data chart you can click on the ISO Table to see where the current vibration compares to the ISO Standard for vibration severity. The To Table button at the bottom right will show you temperature boundaries that will cause yellow and red alerts dependent on a difference between the learned data and the current temperature.

Measured Data 2

The Equipment Usage Chart

The Equipment Usage chart is a visual representation of the Cog symbol on the List View of the Dashboard. The chart is useful for checking your equipment operating cycles and can be used to minimise starts and stops. The grey parts of the chart show when the times when the equipment is not running. The tables below the Equipment Usage Chart will display the equipment utilisation and inferred power usage of your equipment over a number of different periods depending on measured run times and whether the Power Rating of your equipment has been entered during the onboarding process.

Equipment Usage

The E-Chart

Below each of the charts it’s possible to change the range of data that can be viewed to get a closer look at data over a given period which can be used to isolate a particular event. Do this by clicking and dragging the edges of the blue box to make it smaller or by entering desired dates into the field in the top right corner of the chart. If you'd like to see one week, one day, one month or all of the data collected for a piece of equipment you can press on the buttons just above the left corner of the data. It is also possible to move the selected area by clicking and dragging slider at the bottom to the desired location. It's also possible to click and drag to highlight a region on the charts that you'd like to view in greater detail.

Using the E-chart at the bottom of the AI Chart to focus on a week of data (top left) and a single day of data (top right) and the click and drag function (bottom).