Missing FitMachine Samples

This article should help diagnose any issues that can be encountered involving missing samples while monitoring your equipment.

Common reasons for FitMachine samples not showing up on the Dashboard include:

  • FitMachine has run out of battery
  • Weak/No Wifi signal
  • FitMachine has not been onboarded properly
  • FitMachine has been damaged during operation

If a FitMachine needs to be returned for any reason, please view this article on FitMachine End of Life. 

FitMachine has Run Out of Battery

If you FitMachine has run out of battery please contact MOVUS at info@movus.com.au and we’ll ship out a replacement as soon as possible. 

Weak / No Wifi Signal

If a FitMachine cannot connect to a Wifi hotspot there is no way for the sensor to transmit the data that it has recorded to the MOVUS Platform in order to be displayed on the Dashboard. Similarly, if the FitMachine is placed in a position where the Wifi connection drops out frequently this will not only prevent samples being sent through to the Dashboard, but it will also significantly reduce the battery life. Administrators can check the last reported wifi signal strength of a sensor by using the Status Page which will also display the time  since the last report by the sensor.

FitMachine sensors have the capability to store a number of samples should there be a local Wifi dropout though this storage is limited.

Make sure that your FitMachine sensors are installed where there is a stable and reliable Wifi connection. Check the strength of the intended hotspot using your mobile phone and if your phone can’t maintain a stable connection, the FitMachine will not be able to either.

If you’re using a MOVUS Gateway as part of your MOVUS Wireless Monitoring System, try to keep the Gateway as close to the FitMachine as possible where possible, especially in congested processing plants. MOVUS recommends a radius of 20 metres between the Gateway and each FitMachine.

FitMachine has been Incorrectly Onboarded

The most common reason for the FitMachine being incorrectly onboarded is due to an error with the MAC Address input during onboarding. It’s very easy to make a mistake, especially when manually entering the MAC Address so be sure to double check the label on the front of the FitMachine, even when using the QR code scanner. Remember that if any of the digits are incorrect, there will either be no data received, or the data will not match the behaviour of the asset.

Please remember that as the MAC Address is a hexadecimal code there are only zeroes in the code, there are NEVER any letter O’s.

FitMachine has been Damaged During Equipment Operation

The FitMachine has been designed to perform within certain operating conditions in order to maintain structural integrity and sensor longevity. If a FitMachine is installed in a location where temperatures regularly exceed 80oC, or vibration intensity is sustained above 25 mm/s, there is an increased probability that the FitMachine will fail.

If you think that there is an issue with the data you are receiving from your FitMachine sensor, please contact the MOVUS team at info@movus.com.au.