MOVUS Integrations

This article links to API documentation, and outlines the MachineCloud API, MachineCloud Streams and Third Party Connectors.

The MachineCloud platform's API allows other systems and software to access and add information to the platform. This ensures that our customers have the same access to build applications and integrate FitMachine data, as our own engineers have when developing our Dashboard and Mobile Applications.

The topics covered in this article include: 

1. Native MachineCloud API Access

2. Our Real-Time MachineCloud Streams

3. Third Party Providers

Native MachineCloud API Access

A customer can interact with the MachineCloud API using HTTPS and JSON. Most programming languages and development environments can easily call the API and perform functions like:
  • Register a new FitMachine
  • Update Machine details
  • Manage permissions and notifications
  • Read data samples and events
  • Read the status and condition of machines.

Our Real-Time MachineCloud Streams

While the MachineCloud API is ideal for automating access to the MOVUS MachineCloud Platform, we also provide a streaming interface for delivering condition data, sample data and alarm events in real-time. MachineCloud Streams deliver to a number of different streaming and messaging service types, with more being developed. Current service types available:
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • AWS Simple Notification Service
  • AWS Simple Queue Service
  • Azure Event Hub
We currently have a number of customers using MachineCloud Streams to ingest Asset Fitness data in to their data warehouses and more recently into "Data Lakes". In many cases this has proven valuable, as the insights available from the MachineCloud are used to enhance the analytics and outcomes where a customer is doing their own development natively in AWS or Azure.

Third Party Providers

We are currently working with domain experts to use MOVUS MachineCloud API and MachineCloud Streams to provide pre-packaged connectors for Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance Management systems. Our existing connectors include:



Thanks to Dimension Software and our engineering team, you can now integrate data between OSIPi and MOVUS MachineCloud. With this two-way integration OSIPi users can view FitMachine data next to that coming from SCADA and DCS systems. Further, SCADA data can be sent from OSIPi to MachineCloud, which will allow us to further advance our analytics calculations and your dashboard data. 
This MOVUS Connector can be installed on any server with access to PI and the internet. The connector polls for updates from the MachineCloud, and can backfill historical data as required. Each asset is configured in MOVUS Connector. For help, click here.


Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 2.40.53 pm (2)

Our XMPRO connector allows customers to integrate MOVUS data and alerts into XMPRO's event intelligence platform, where you can receive alarms and create recommendations. This allows customers to correlate and alarm from their operations and process environment. 



Reekoh has delivered a range of plugins for use with the Reekoh IIoT Integration Platform. These include a Connector, Inventory Sync and Stream. 
The Connector plugin enables the management of registered FitMachine equipment. The Inventory Sync plugin enables the integration of MOVUS MachineCloud assets with the Reekoh Device Registry. The Stream plugin enables continuous data stream from registered FitMachine equipment.
These pre-built integrations allow you to seamlessly integrate your condition monitoring data and synchronise asset registries between your applications. 




Finally, as part of SAP.iO's new 13-week accelerator program, we're working to develop a connector into SAP's Predictive Asset Insights solution. Soon, SAP customers will be able to incorporate asset fitness data from the MachineCloud into their PAI solution and feed maintenance transactions back to the MachineCloud, enabling us to continually enhance our AI.



API Access

You can view the developer reference documentation, and other developer resources HERE.

In order to access the documentation, you will need to have 'Admin' access to the MOVUS MachineCloud, and use those credentials when requested.

If you don't have this, please talk to your MOVUS system administrator.


Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.