Importance of Photos

The aim of this article is to emphasise how important each of the different photos are to a successful onboarding.

The photos that are displayed on the Dashboard are not just for making your Dashboard more appealing, they're also valuable tools for keeping your personnel safe, locating FitMachines and validating onboarding data.

For each FitMachine we ask you to take four (4) photos:

  • Overall Photo
  • FitMachine Photo
  • Equipment Nameplate Photo
  • Motor Nameplate Photo

The most valuable information you can get from the overall photos are any potential hazards such as an elevated platform, rotating elements or slippery surface that are near the installed FitMachine as well as where the FitMachine is actually installed. That way you and your staff will know where to look to find the FitMachine sensor and what to avoid, when necessary. When used in conjunction with the Notes field on the Dashboard, the photos can be a vital tool for keeping your personnel safe. 

The above photo clearly shows where the FitMachine is located and it also identifies that there is a low clearance hazard.

Good quality photos can also help MOVUS technicians identify instances where a FitMachine has been installed in such a way that will impair it from collecting accurate data from your equipment. To install your FitMachine sensors so that they will gather the most accurate data, see our article on FitMachine Installation. Without photos, MOVUS technicians will be unable to help you identify these instances.

Photos can also help to validate onboarding data that has been entered in both the MAC Address fields and also the equipment specific details that can be found on the Motor and Local Nameplates of the equipment. If you can get a good photo of your equipment model number it can also be used to find some of the running data of your equipment that you might not be able to find on the nameplate.

This photo shows a close up of the FitMachine where the MAC address is clear.

Bad Photos

The following photos are examples of bad photographs that have been added to the Dashboard by MOVUS staff. 

As an Overall View photo, this photo is poor as the hazards present are not identifiable in the photo and the installed FitMachine is a little difficult to locate. 

As a FitMachine photo, this photo is poor because the MAC Address is unreadable.

With this photo, the nameplate is unreadable thereby giving no useful information.