This article outlines everything you need to know about the Groups feature on your MachineCloud dashboard.

If this is your first time exploring the groups functionality, we'll clear up how it works. 

What is the purpose of Groups?

The groups sidebar allows you to group your equipment by site, sub-area, equipment type, or in any way you'd prefer.

Adding a Group

When you click the blue "Add" button at the top of the left hand sidebar, you will create a "child" group under the existing selected group.


You can also create a "child" group from a specific group by selecting it from the menu shown here:


Renaming a Group

To rename a group, select the rename option from the menu shown here:

You cannot rename the root level group that has the same name as your organisation.

Managing Group Equipment

After a group has been created, you will need to add equipment to it. This can be done by selecting the manage group equipment option in the menu shown here:

For every group, you will be able to select equipment from the entire list of equipment for your organisation. The same equipment can be in multiple groups. To shorten the list, you can use the search in the top right corner and then use the all/none options. Anything that doesn't match the search term will be greyed out and unable to be affected.

Before selecting equipment

After selecting equipment

To remove equipment from a group, you will just need to de-select the equipment.

NB: Remember to save your changes before exiting the page. (Exiting can be done by navigating back to your preferred view)

Removing a Group

To remove a group, select from the menu shown here:

Removing a group does not remove the equipment in it from your dashboard. All of the equipment will be able to be seen in the root group (all equipment)

If there is a "child" group in the group that is being removed, it also will be removed.


If you have any other questions about Groups, please let us know by emailing 

This feature has also been called Multi-Site Management