How to Adjust Equipment Visibility

Learn how to adjust the visibility of specific equipment within your asset fleet.

This feature is only available to Administrators of the Dashboard.

You may be part of an organisational hierarchy where there are clearly defined areas of responsibility which may be split up on a site-by-site basis. To do this you can select a User from the list and press the 'Edit' link under the Actions heading on the right-hand side of the page. 

On the right hand side of the page you'll find a list of equipment and two columns of check boxes. If checked, the check boxes will determine if a piece of equipment will be displayed on the User's Dashboard and on their Daily Emails. 

Say for example that in your organisation you have a Control Centre which monitors equipment on two independent work sites, Sites A and B. Personnel at the Control Centre will monitor the health of the equipment at both sites but the health of equipment at Site A is of no interest to your personnel at Site B and vice versa. You would like to only allow personnel at each Site to view their own equipment and for personnel at the Control Centre to view all equipment. This can be done using the Users page, found under the Admin Tools subheading of the User Menu.

Control Centre
Referring to the example above, say Max works in your Control Centre and will be monitoring the status of all equipment in your fleet. Under the Display column, press on the box labelled 'MORE' which will open a drop down menu and select 'ALL' to make all equipment be displayed on his personal Dashboard. Do the same with the Daily Email column to make all equipment be displayed every morning in his Daily Emails. An example is shown below.

Site A
If Carl works at Site A and you'd only like them to view equipment at Site A, check the boxes that correspond to the equipment at Site A in both the Display and Daily Email columns and leave all other equipment boxes unchecked. Of course it's as simple as only selecting the equipment at Site B to have appropriate viewing privileges for Site B personnel.