About the List View

This page of the dashboard shows all of the equipment being monitored by FitMachine sensors

How can it help you?

This is our most commonly used page on the FitMachine Dashboard. This page is used to look at your entire deployment to understand what is happening with your monitored equipment.

This page can help you to prioritise which equipment needs your maintenance attention which can help to reduce breakdowns, reduce downtime and reduce costs.

How does it work?

The default ordering of the page is to have the equipment with worst condition at the top. 

The information that you can find on this page includes:

Naming information

Site Name: The location of the plant

Sub-Area Name: The location within the plant that the equipment is

Equipment Name: What you call the piece of equipment

AI information

Status: Simple traffic light system to show the condition of the equipment being monitored

Learning progress: How far through the learning that the FitMachine sensor is

Condition: It is the calculated deviation from normal in the overall change calculated by the AI

Degradation: The rate of change calculated by the AI

System information

Data age Status: shows you when the FitMachine sensor hasn't reported for an extended period of time

Custom Alarm Thresholds: shows you when a particular piece of equipment has had their alarm thresholds adjusted

Measured Data

Vibration: shows you the most recent RMS measurement

Temperature: shows you the most recent temperature measurement

Calculated information

Utilisation: Calculated based on how often the equipment has been above the running cut-off in the last 4 weeks

Inferred Power: The utilisation multiplied by the power rating of the equipment to approximate how much power is being used

Other information

Running Status: Whether or not that equipment is running based on the most recent sample

Notifications status: Shows you if someone has muted yellow advisory alarms from the equipment

What else should I look at?

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Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.