About the Home Page

This page is the summary page of the FitMachine Dashboard.

How can it help you?

It gives you an overview of how your FitMachine system is going which allows you to target the areas that need work. If all of your equipment is in good condition, your organisation utilisation is up, no alarms are happening and all your FitMachine sensors are reporting then you can focus on other opportunities.

How does it work?

The Home Page has information about:

Fleet Condition: shows you how many pieces of equipment you have in each condition state. It operates on a traffic light system where green is still in good condition, yellow is slightly deviated away from good condition and red is significantly deviated away.

Home Page - Fleet Condition

Organisation Utilisation: shows you how often your equipment has been running. The top visualisation is the month view which shows you the utilisation for each day with green being closer to 100% and red being closer to 0%. The bottom graph is the graph view which shows your running utilisation as well as how many pieces of equipment you have running.

Home Page - Organisation Utilisation

Worst Condition Equipment: shows you the equipment that would be at the top of the List View

Most Recent Alarms: shows you the condition of the equipment and the time of the alarm

Highest Vibrating Equipment: equipment with the current highest recorded vibration

Highest Temperature Equipment: equipment with the current highest recorded temperature

Devices reporting: this donut chart shows you when your FitMachine sensors last reported in

Home Page - Devices Reporting

What else should I look at?

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Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to MOVUS Support here.