About the FitMachine Mobile App

Learn about the FitMachine Mobile App and how it streamlines your FitMachine deployment.

The FitMachine Mobile App is an on-site tool that is mainly used to allow you to onboard FitMachine sensors.


What is the FitMachine Mobile App?

It is an easy to use application that we are constantly improving to allow our customers to onboard their sensors to the FitMachine Dashboard as easily as possible.

Why have an app?

We realised that taking your laptop or tablet onto the site floor with you is not very practical so we have given you a way to onboard FitMachine sensors with a handheld device.

Do I need the FitMachine Mobile App?

You will need the app to onboard sensors so that you can see them on your Dashboard. Within the app we have created a workflow to make onboarding easier.

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