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Say hello to the future. 

What's FitPower?

Meet FitPower.  A new and easy way to understand your equipment's energy usage and how well your assets are running.

We've developed FitPower to monitor and measure the energy individual machines are using to show trends over time.  And that's really the tip of the iceberg.  The ones that are melting.  With FitPower, we're aiming to help organisations reduce their energy consumption and reduce global warming.

Our team has been developing this product behind the scenes for years.  Launching in January 2023, we'll have limited quantities available.  So if you want to learn more, register your interest below.

Benefits You'll Love

Peel back the curtain. Monitoring equipment power gives you insight into how much energy your equipment is actually using. Not just how much you think it's using or how much it should be. This visibility, alongside changes in your equipment's usage, can help you identify if your machine is operating sub-optimally (or, better yet, faulty) and when maintenance needs to take place. 

Keep your plant running! All you need to install FitPower is a phone and a zip tie. Just attach FitPower to an asset's power cable and secure it in place with a zip tie, onboard it using your phone, and you're done! No need for costly electrician installations or a plant shutdown. 

Use it wherever you need it. Our sensor can be used for short-run AND long-run assets and is great for your low-priority equipment.

Derive insights, easily. With FitPower, answers to questions like; is my process working well?; am I paying for too much energy?; and will I meet my sustainability objectives? become clear. 

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