Eliminating 100% of Unplanned Outages

In this case study CSF Proteins provides in-depth analysis of how they utilised FitMachine to eliminate all unplanned outages within 12 months.

Learn how they went from 'Run to Fail' to 'PdM 4.0' by adopting predictive maintenance technology and processes.


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“If we hadn’t had the FitMachine the failure wouldn’t have been picked up for another 4 to 5 weeks. Another month and we wouldn’t have a second blower. This just shows that if FitMachine saves us millions in maintenance, then it’s worth having.”

Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator

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Why Deploy FitMachine?

Real-Time Equipment Health Visibility

Monitor the condition and degradation of your equipment in real-time. Manage hundreds of assets via the MOVUS Dashboard.

Minimise Unplanned Downtime

Receive early alerts via SMS or email when the condition of your equipment degrades beyond pre-configured limits.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

By seeing real-time condition status, teams can focus on higher value maintenance work vs reactionary or route-based inspections

Increased Safety for Workers

FitMachine helps keep workers out of hazardous environments and reduces the need for inspections at height, confined spaces and remote equipment.

Broad Integration Options

A extensive Restful API and existing connectors into key maintenance/asset management systems including SAP, IBM Maximo, OSIsoft Pi, Oracle, Microsoft Azure.

Fast Installation

No tools required! Quickly deploy FitMachine by magnetically attaching it to your equipment. Easily activate FitMachine with our mobile app.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning algorithm collects samples and establishes the baseline of your equipment. Our artificial intelligence sends you early alerts when your equipment starts behaving abnormally.

Wireless Communications

No cables needed! Utilise your existing WiFi or our industrial gateway. Simple or complex operating environments are easily supported.


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